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Dep: Nanostructured Materials


Born and grew up in a small village in the center of Italy, I've always had a curiosity-driven lifestyle. My passions for science pushed me in the academic career with first a bachelor degree in chemistry at the University of Camerino then a master in Inorganic and physical chemistry at the University of Pavia. During these years I had the opportunity to carry out my master thesis in Birmingham (UK). Besides learning about my field of study, gold nanoparticles functionalization, inorganic synthesis and fluorescent spectroscopy, I had the opportunity to enrich myself, get to know other cultures and of course widening my horizons. I went to ICMAB for the first time on July of 2015 to carry out an internship on polymer assisted thin film deposition of superconductors in the framework of the Erasmus plus project. A few months later I started my Ph.D. in the Nanopto Group. I'm currently working on the engineering of plasmonic nanostructures for enhanced light-matter interaction useful for sensing and electronic devices.

All of this professional experiences walked together with my passions. The need to discover how a photo appear in a photosensitive paper, the physics behind the focusing and lenses, the extraordinary beauty of nature and mountains, the loneliness of the summit, the art of telling stories with images or words...all of this and much more have shaped mysefl during years, and they'll keep going that in the future. 


University Degrees

Bachelor degree - Chemistry

Master degree- Inorganic and Physical Chemistry



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