Kyvik Ruiz

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Dep: Molecular Nanoscience and Organic Materials


I grew up in Spain, was born in the US, studied in Trondheim (Norway) and now do my PhD in Barcelona. During my university studies I gained a lot of experience from volunteering and working with different student organizations. Among these the scientifically relevant one is the internship performed at the University of el Quindio at the agrosciences laboratory, following three different research projects (working with tomato tree conservation, coffee beans characterization and aloe vera films for food preservation) subsidized by Colciencias. Right after graduation I participated in the BioMedX bootcamp in Heidelberg, Germany and I also have participated at the GapSummit 2016 which took place in Cambridge, UK. Currently I pursue my doctoral degree at the ICMAB, under the supervision of Dr. Imma Ratera in the NANOMOL group.

Research interest

In Trondheim, during my master's thesis different approaches were investigated to best integrate an alginate hydrogel with a microfluidic chamber in order to enhance adhesion of the gel to the chamber channel and be able to pass a fluid through this one without the gel being destroyed. Ideally this could be used for example medical diagnostics, and could reduce the use of animal models in the initial drug research stage. Corona treatment as a physical approach and silanization as a chemical approach to enhance adhesion were used. Confocal microscopy was used to analyze further how different particle sizes move within the gel when pumped into the channel filled with alginate hydrogel. Different types of alginate were used, including methacrylate alginate which is photocrosslinkable. 

Up to now, during my PhD in Material Sciences, at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, I have been working within the framework of a CIBER-BBN intramural project called "Dynamic Molecular Bio-Interfaces for Controlled Environments Towards Vascular Morphogenesis" (Dynamic-Vasc-2). Specifically, I have been working with the synthesis of pegylated alkanethiols which are terminated with hydroquinone. These are used to form SAMs (Self Assembled Monolayers), which are electroactive and in the oxidized form can react with different functional groups giving a dynamic nature and render new properties to the surface. This platform has been characterized using different techniques and has been used to immobilize different ligands with a temporal and spacial control using the soft lithography technique of micro-contact printing. The work has been presented at the BioNanoMed 2016 conference in Barcelona and the Building Bridges in Biophysics 2017 in Oporto, Portugal. 


University Degrees

5-year program in Chemical Engineering

Specialization in Biotechnology



Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials, Dynamic Substrates, Electroactive SAMs, Surface chemistry for cell guidance


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