Strategic Priority Actions

The "Smart Functional Materials for Social Grand Challenges (FUNMAT) Severo Ochoa Project of Excellence involves the following Strategic Priority Actions for the years 2016-2019:

  1. Formation of a Scientific Advisory Board
    A Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) formed by 12 international experts was formed. The SAB has visited and evaluated the research lines and the ICMAB performance on November 2016, 2017 and 2018. 

  2. Frontier Interdisciplinary Projects (FIPs)
    The FIP are an internal call of proposals for researchers of the Institute aimed for the development of high-risk exploratory projects of interdisciplinary character to generate cutting-edge research in the application areas of clean & secure energy, smart & sustainable electronics or smart nanomedicine.
    FIP projects aim to reinforce the internal links and scientific critical mass of ICMAB's researchers, and to contribute to strenghen the international leadership of the Institute in the area of functional materials.
    The FIP calls were in 2016, 2017 and 2018. 

  3. Talent attraction and recruiting
  4. Mobility actions and training
  5. Invigorate the Technology Transfer programme
    One of the main missions of ICMAB is to transfer the knowledge acquired to the society. This is achieved by transferring technology to industries, universities and other research centers, through patents, publications, spin-offs, and by establishing different collaborations with them. 
  6. Invigorate the Communication & Outreach programme
    One of the main missions of ICMAB is to encourage scientific vocations and increase the general scientific knowledge of the society. Throughout last year, ICMAB continued to offer public engagement and science education activities. A Communication & Outreach Officer was hired in April 2017 to invigorate the communication program. Its main function is to support the dissemination of the research activity and the impact of the work developed by the ICMAB community. 
  7. Invigorate the Project Managing programme
  8. Creation of new Committees
    An interesting Severo Ochoa action is the formation of three new committees on Recruiting, Seminars & Training, and Gender Equality. These committees are integrated by members of each research lines and have the support of the Severo Ochoa project managers. In 2017, two other committees were created, the Technology Transfer committee, and the Communication & Outreach committee. These new committees were added to the already existing committees of the Institute: Health & Safety, Computing, Gases and Waste Management 



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