Senior research positions

seniorWe welcome applications from national and international candidates from many different disciplines and with a PhD or higher level to join our research staff. Please submit an application to join us through the Ramon y Cajal call, or the ICREA call. The ICMAB is happy to host successful applicants to both of these programs.
  • Ramon y Cajal program:
    The Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness is the funding agency of this programme, which has the aim of providing financial support for a period of five years for the recruitment of researchers. The aid is intended to co-finance the salary and the employer's contribution to Social Security of the researchers hired during each of the annuities.  
  • ICREA program:
    • ICREA Senior call: The ICREA senior call for applications offers permanent positions in the Catalan research system. The selected researchers are given a permanent position, ICREA Research Professorship (equivalent to tenure) and become ICREA employees. ICREA researchers go through an evaluation process (promotion) at regular intervals throughout their entire career. This is our most important and best-known call. 
    • ICREA Acadèmia call: The ICREA Acadèmia call for applications is a grant to university professors who already hold permanent positions in the Catalan research system. The grant is for five years and is intended to promote the awardees’ research, basically by relieving them from teaching duties. 

For spontaneous applications, feel free to submit a cover letter and CV to be considered for relevant positions in the future to info@icmab.es. 


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