Take a look at our European projects! Let's celebrate #EuropeDay2019

Take a look at our European projects! Let's celebrate #EuropeDay2019

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To celebrate this year's Europe Day, we wanted to give visibility to the European projects in which we work here at ICMAB, which represent some of the work performed at the Institute on advanced functional materials for energy, electronics and nanomedicine. Do you want to know more about them?

You can find a banner for each project following this link, together with a list of all the projects: http://icmab.es/research/projects. By clicking on "Read more about this project" next to the banners, you will go to the website of the project, or to the CORDIS website with all the information. 

In addition, a Twitter thread will all the projects is found here: https://twitter.com/icmabCSIC/status/1126394979109232640

European Projects constitute a big part of the funding at ICMAB. Until 2018 the data were the following: 25-5 M€, 10 ERC grants, 15 new projects in 2017 and 4 new projects in 2018:

projects eu 2018

Thanks to all the researchers with their collaboration in the celebration of Europe Day 2019!


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