PhD Congrats

Title Published Date
Congratulations Dr. Pol Sallés, new ICMAB PhD Graduate! 27 April 2023
Congratulations Dr. Arnau Romaguera, new ICMAB PhD graduate! 27 March 2023
Congratulations Dr. Márta Kubovics, new ICMAB PhD graduate! 24 March 2023
Congratulations Dr. Marc Martínez, new ICMAB PhD graduate 13 March 2023
Congratulations Dr. Daniel Riba, new ICMAB PhD Graduate! 06 March 2023
Congratulations Dr. J. Alejandro De Sousa, new ICMAB PhD graduate! 10 January 2023
Congratulations Dr. Jinghai Li, new ICMAB PhD Graduate! 20 December 2022
Congratulations Dr. Xiao Long, new ICMAB PhD Graduate! 16 December 2022
Congratulations Doctor Miquel Nuez, new ICMAB PhD graduate! 02 December 2022
Congratulations Dr. Pablo García Lebière, new ICMAB PhD Graduate! 23 November 2022
Congratulations Dr. Jinhui Hu, new ICMAB PhD Graduate! 15 November 2022
Congratulations Dr. Laura Fuentes, new ICMAB PhD graduate! 14 November 2022
Congratulations Dr. Sohini Sinha, new ICMAB PhD graduate! 31 October 2022
Congratulations Dr. Yunwei Sheng, new ICMAB PhD graduate! 28 October 2022
Congratulations Dr. Wenhai Wang, new ICMAB PhD graduate! 17 October 2022
Congratulations Dr. Tingfeng Song, new ICMAB graduate! 05 October 2022
Congratulations Dr. Zhen Li, new ICMAB graduate! 03 October 2022
Congratulations Dr. Minghua Kong, new ICMAB graduate! 30 September 2022
Congratulations Doctor Wenchao Duan, new ICMAB graduate! 16 September 2022
Congratulations Dr. Adara Babuji, new ICMAB graduate! 04 August 2022
Congratulations, Dr. Lídia Ballell, new ICMAB graduate! 29 July 2022
Congratulations Dr. Rana Adel, new ICMAB graduate! 26 July 2022
Congratulations Dr. Julio Fraile, new ICMAB graduate! 22 July 2022
Congratulations Dr. Sergi Martín, new ICMAB graduate! 19 July 2022
Congratulations Dr. Martí Gibert, new ICMAB Graduate! 23 June 2022
Congratulations Dr. Adrián Tamayo, new ICMAB Graduate 03 June 2022
Congratulations Dr. Artur Romanov, new ICMAB Graduate 27 May 2022
Congratulations Dr. Roberto Fabião Santos Abreu, new ICMAB Graduate 22 April 2022
Congratulations Dr. Juan D. Forero Saboya, new ICMAB Graduate 07 April 2022
Congratulations Doctor Alejandro Fernández, new ICMAB graduate! 05 April 2022
Congratulations Dr. Miquel Torras, new ICMAB Graduate 30 March 2022
Congratulations Dr. Isabel Guerrero, new ICMAB Graduate 16 March 2022
Congratulations Dr. Pedro Barusco, new ICMAB Graduate 15 February 2022
Congratulations Dr. Mónica Bernal, new ICMAB Graduate 31 January 2022
Congratulations Dr. José Piers Jurado, new ICMAB Graduate 17 December 2021
Congratulations Dr. Francesco Silvestri, new ICMAB Graduate 16 December 2021
Congratulations Dr. Songbai Zhang, new ICMAB Graduate 24 November 2021
Congratulations Dr. Laura Rodríguez, new ICMAB Graduate 02 November 2021
Congratulations Dr. Jan Grzelak, new ICMAB Graduate 29 October 2021
Congratulations Dr. Raphaëlle Houdeville, new ICMAB Graduate 22 October 2021
Congratulations Dr. Sole Roig, new ICMAB Graduate 29 September 2021
Congratulations Dr. Mathieu Mirjolet, new ICMAB Graduate 26 July 2021
Congratulations Dr. Judit Tomsen, new ICMAB Graduate 19 July 2021
Congratulations Dr. Pau Molet, new ICMAB Graduate 18 June 2021
Congratulations Dr. Irene Anton, new ICMAB Graduate 07 June 2021
Congratulations Dr. Saúl Estandía, new ICMAB Graduate 31 May 2021
Congratulations Dr. Milena Cervo, new ICMAB Graduate 27 May 2021
Congratulations Dr. Osnat Zapata, new ICMAB Graduate 07 April 2021
Congratulations Dr. Sandra Giraldo, new ICMAB Graduate 26 February 2021
Congratulations Dr. Zheng Ma, new ICMAB Graduate 10 February 2021
Congratulations Dr. Ana Begoña Buades, new ICMAB Graduate 03 February 2021
Congratulations Dr. Camilla Dore, new ICMAB Graduate 01 February 2021
Congratulations Dr.Rogger P. Palacios, new ICMAB Graduate 29 January 2021
Congratulations Doctor Víctor Fuentes, new ICMAB graduate! 25 January 2021
Congratulations Dr. Natalia Chamorro, new ICMAB graduate! 15 January 2021
Congratulations Doctor Juri Banchewski, new ICMAB graduate! 22 December 2020
Congratulations, Dr. Hailin Wang, new ICMAB graduate! 17 December 2020
Congratulations, Dr. Pengmei Yu, our recent ICMAB graduate! 24 November 2020
Congratulations Doctor Guillem Vargas, our new ICMAB graduate! 29 October 2020
Congratulations, Dr. Xabier Rodríguez, new ICMAB graduate! 21 October 2020
Congratulations, Dr. Zhongrui Luo! Our most recent ICMAB graduate. 01 October 2020
Congratulations, Dr. Lei Gan! New ICMAB graduate! 29 September 2020
Congratulations, Dr. Mayte Gómez Castaño! Our most recent ICMAB graduate! 21 September 2020
Congratulations, Dr. Yajie Zhang! New ICMAB graduate! 16 September 2020
Congratulations, Dr. Simona Ricci! New ICMAB graduate! 30 July 2020
Congratulations, Dr. Enrique Pascual! New ICMAB graduate! 25 June 2020
Congratulations, Dr. Júlia Jareño! New ICMAB graduate! 23 June 2020
Congratulations, Dr. Adrián Francisco! Our most recent ICMAB graduate! 24 April 2020
Congratulations, Dr. Eduardo Pérez, new ICMAB graduate! 08 April 2020
Congratulations, Dr. Dolores Bueno, new ICMAB graduate! 26 March 2020
Congratulations Dr. Cristiano Matricardi, new ICMAB graduate! 06 March 2020
Congratulations, Dr. Núria Portolés, new ICMAB graduate! 20 November 2019
Congratulations, Dr. Inés Temiño, new ICMAB graduate! 19 November 2019
Congratulations, Dr. Yu Chen, new ICMAB graduate! 14 November 2019
Congratulations, Dr. Qianzhe Zhang, new ICMAB graduate! 10 October 2019
Congratulations, Dr. Juan Antonio Seijas, new ICMAB graduate! 08 October 2019
Congratulations Dr. Fangchang Tan, new ICMAB graduate! 20 September 2019
Congratulations Dr. Jjike Lyu, new ICMAB graduate! 19 September 2019
Congratulations to Dr. Arpita Saha, new ICMAB graduate! 19 September 2019
Congratulations, Dr. Isabel Fuentes, new ICMAB graduate! 25 July 2019
Congratulations, Dr. Andrea Schiaffino, new ICMAB graduate! 24 July 2019
Congratulations, Dr. Qiaoming Zhang, new ICMAB graduate! 18 June 2019
Congratulations, Dr. Ferran Vallès, new ICMAB graduate! 10 May 2019
Congratulations Dr. Alexander Stangl! New ICMAB graduate! 20 March 2019
Congratulations Dr. Laia Soler Bru, new ICMAB graduate! 05 March 2019
Congratulations Dr. Sílvia Illa Tuset, new ICMAB graduate! 04 March 2019
New ICMAB graduate! Congratulations Dr. Adriana Kyvik! 28 January 2019
New ICMAB graduate! Congratulations Dr. Rafael Cichelero! 28 January 2019
Congratulations to Dr. Mahdi Chaari, new ICMAB graduate, who defended his PhD Thesis in Tunisia! 17 December 2018
Congratulations Dr. Xavier Palmer, new ICMAB graduate! 11 December 2018
Congratulations, Dr. Mengdi Qian, new ICMAB graduate! 29 November 2018
Congratulations, Dr. Jordi Martínez, new ICMAB graduate! 28 November 2018
Congratulations to Dr. Francesc Bejarano, new ICMAB graduate! 31 October 2018
Congratulations to Dr. Antonio Campos, new ICMAB graduate! 15 October 2018
Congratulations to Dr. Bernat Mundet, new ICMAB graduate! 10 October 2018
Congratulations to Dr. Bohores Villarejo, new ICMAB graduate! 25 September 2018
Congratulations to Dr. Ziliang Li, new ICMAB graduate! 24 July 2018
Congratulations to Dr. Wenjie Qian, new ICMAB graduate! 24 July 2018
Congratulations to Dr. Maria Serena Maglione, new ICMAB graduate! 02 May 2018
Congratulations to Dr. Ana Pérez, new ICMAB graduate! 18 April 2018
Congratulations to Dr. Laura López, new ICMAB graduate! 02 March 2018
Ines Bennour 04 December 2017
Blai Casals 15 September 2017
Ashley P. Black 16 June 2017
Elena Marchante 09 June 2017
Bernhard Dörling 08 June 2017
Davide Blasi and Juan Carlos Gonzalez-Rosillo 19 May 2017
Antonio Ardizzone 28 April 2017
Nico Dix 27 April 2017
PhD Thesis Defense by Manuel Souto - Congratulations! 01 August 2016
Congratulations to Anna May for the Extraordinary Ph.D. Award 15 February 2016

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