What is sand made of? We discover it with highschool students.

A new workshop for secondary high school students to know where does the sand from our beaches come from and what is sand really is made of. 

16 June 2022
Sand workshop at Institut Escola Mirades

On 19 May and 7 June, 2022, Judith Oró, Anna Crespi and Roberta Ceravola from the ICMAB Scientific Equipment Platforms visited the Institut Escola Mirades in Barcelona to conduct a new workshop about sand characterization to the two classes of 1st ESO in the framework of their "No t'ensorris" project. 

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Judith Oró, Anna Crespi and Roberta Ceravola at Institut Escola Mirades | IE Mirades

The three scientists developed the workshop in two parts: the first one was focused in four characterization experiments (observation with a digital lens, identification of magnetic materials in sand using magnets, carbonates identification with an acid-base reaction of the sand sample with vinegar, and granulometric separation).  

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Roberta Ceravola with a group of students at Institut Escola Mirades | IE Mirades

The second part of the workshop was an interactive game in which the students had to guess where did five samples of sand of different places around the world came from. 

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Experiment to detect the carbonates in sand with vinegar | IE Mirades

The workshop idea came from the video "Descobreix què amaga la sorra de la platja" in the framework of Expominer #MinerMat2020 for the Science Week, and designed specially for highschool students. 

The workshop with the school was a very positive experience for all, students, teachers and technicians involved.

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Anna Crespi with a group of students at Institut Escola Mirades | IE Mirades

The Institut Escola Mirades posted a post in their website titled "9 de Juny: Taller de caracterització de diferents sorres (ICMAB)" which reads: 

Com a complement del projecte "No t'ensorris", aquesta setmana l'alumnat de 1r d'ESO ha rebut la visita de 3 científiques de l'Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB, pertanyent al Consell Superior d'Investigacions Científiques). L'Anna, la Judit i la Roberta han projectat a l'aula un taller amb tres espais per ensenyar als joves a caracteritzar diferents sorres, en funció de la seva granulometria, la seva selecció i la seva composició (reacció amb àcids, magnetisme...). Agraïm molt la vostra visita!!!

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Judith Oró with a group of students at Institut Escola Mirades | IE Mirades

From ICMAB we are always open to collaborate with primary and secondary schools, so if you have an idea, send us an email and we can talk about a future collaboration!


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